Being Old School in a New School World

As I get older and as you are reading this and I presume you have has some sense of people in your life that you would refer to as old school. Some refer to me as such and at times I do myself especially in regards to the internet and the sewing game. Shit is going so fast that it is easy to get blown out the dust. But also things are so at face value and about instant gratification that I am confused out of mind.

I remember my mother saying that you cannot buy clothes and fashion without seeing it or touching it but with the tech we have today that is seldom an option. Barneys used to be an experience, Mr rags, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus etc were all special to go to. Especially the hidden local shop that no one know about where you get to see, try on and a random influencer didn't determine what you liked but someone you interacted with that was actual cool in your regional demographic. Maybe you saw a magazine or a video but the whole experience was an actual experience.

Fast forward to High School and I see the brand akademiks and that becomes my brand instantly. They have hidden details spread lessons and empowerment and that very brand helped inspire me to make jeans today. I remember meeting with Donwon Harell amd he was one of the dopest people behind the dopest clothes. He is working on a brand called ART MEETS CHAOS a new denim brand after he finished PRPS.

Any ways I was making jeans back in 2005 and see some effects that I was doing become the norm and trend now. Instead of being a hater (which I will never be) and hating on the youth I decided to share and teach all the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. Its like a grandma who does not lever her best recipes behind. Well that aint happening. I'm here to offer all I got for your success and journey and using this internet for education and mobility not just entertainment.

Here are some jeans from more than 10 years back!

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