December 5th 2018

Good morning from California. Today I begin to share my thoughts on my website as a means of catharsis and share of love in the form of the dear words I disbelieve and believe in. 

As this section is titled stream of consciousness, I will share what is on my mind from the spheres of art, clothing, metaphysics, food and beyond.

Anyways...a lot has been on my mind and I used to think this was a good thing until I started to use the brain in my heart and listen. Then to combine is such a divine manifestation. A work in progress always.

- I am my mothers sun. I currently have a family. I can float and chill in dark space with other stars in the club or wherever but what am I truly shining on or for? I am a part of a family called earth and thus, as above as below, I manifested my own family and have came to the realization that my shine must throw no gender but be a true illumination. Solar flares happen but do you know why?

- Arteries look like veins pumping blood cells into the heart of the city in the macro of the nation while we know the body is the most well designed temple.

- I love flowers.

- Nature, math, science, physics and love has brought me and made me. DUH 

a whole outfit made by me all alone happily in San Francisco


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