jpd : kitchen : platter : 2019
jpd : kitchen : platter : 2019


jpd : kitchen : platter : 2019

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Food, clothing and shelter are core fundamentals of life. I also always desired to be a chef since young and when I did become one, I went right back to art as I learned and respected my very own craft and theirs. I prefer to cook for fun and family and eat at restaurants and then eventually open one. Until then please enjoy my housewares line.


julian prince dash® pattern: representing our collective organization being a myriad of geometric patterns creating harmonic and dissonant patterns that are, by design, meant to be organized chaos. CMYK represents that life is written and we are the writers putting our energy into print every time we eat or clothe ourselves.


Limited to 120 total custom made for julian prince dash®



Factory description:


10x14" serving platter manufactured from revolutionary ThermoSāf® Polymer that is:

• Microwave Safe

• Safe for use in Convection or Conventional Ovens

• Dishwasher-Safe (Commercial & Residential)

• BPA- Free

• Contains No Melamine or Formaldehyde

• 300°F < 60 Minutes

• 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.