Every pair is unique, handcrafted and comes with a story

Denim creating the foundation of the future

The factory Julian has built is a creative sanctuary for young aspiring creatives. Ranging from high school to college, this nourishing space is open for these young professionals to come and build skills to become adept craftsmen and entrepreneurs. The energy and spirit cultivated in this factory is poured into every pair of jeans and right back into the foundation in making the factory a better place for youth to learn from within and create a future that stems from sustainable, local and spiritual values.


The Denim in the Details

Each pair is crafted by hand with the utmost attention to every stitch and thread, these jeans are not to be missed

The jeans are about the details, they're personal. They represent us. It's not about the outside but the inside. There's details you notice later. They're all the same but different, like us. Details show overtime as you wear them.

Leg Hole

Asymetrical top-entry pocket design, lined with an accent of white with custom printed pocket lining. Reinforced pocket lining for durability.

Leg Panel

Custom signature panel and unique one of a kind richter stitch legseam.

App Image

The signature black denim by Julian Dash

Each pair starts at $360.00 and is handcrafted to order in downtown San Francisco.

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