Today was a day for the ages. I woke up with less than $500 in my bank account  but started two new jobs teaching art and fashion. Being a single father is something I cannot describe or could even complain about but it does have its challenging aspects.

I went from having my own time and making it happen that way every month some how to splitting my time between three jobs but still of course making time for my family and kids.

I just feel so much about being a father, artist, teacher and provider that I want to share with the world of what its really like raising two daughters in San Francisco as a black man. I am continuously breaking paradigms of what it is to be a father and just exist in general.

Today was great because although I had no clue how I was going to make it all happen, I did and its just a level up on my whole life and familys'.

From the morning i met with customers, sent out invoices, designed labels then taught a media arts class, inspiring a new life for others and then cooked for my family and apprentice then made it to my fashion class where I am teaching high school students. Then back to home to work with my apprentice and be present with my kids.

I love this life so much and live it with full conviction.  

Im gonna get this money up as I usually do but this time it is not with anxiety or stress just love and happiness.

I am at home and one daughter is napping, and the other is practicing her reading and Japanese with me. I love them so much. My apprentice is so amazing and special. I give them my whole world and they give it right back.

Life is going up and its about time.

I am going to sew jeans because my life and familys' life depends on it.

Cant believe an NBA player getting traded can effect me so much. Money is the result of our energy and its time to charge up and to the game.

I am so tired and empowered.

love yall 

Isis is now practicing sewing. She is so dope. That pic above is when she was two.

I love being a dad. I hope the world opens up for us more.


venmo @julianprincedash

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